Happy Birthday Anil Kapoor: 5 Workout videos of the actor that prove he’s ageing in reverse

by asian_star December 24, 21

Anil Kapoor is one of the most popular actors in Bollywood. His fitness levels are so good even at his age that he can still play the main hero in a film and fans wouldn’t mind that. Haven’t we all come across pictures of the actor from the past that we compare from the present ones and find no difference at all? Yes! That is Anil Kapoor for you, an actor who is ageing like a fine wine and is a true example of the line ‘my daddy strongest’. Today on his birthday, we are going to list down 5 such workout videos of the Taal actor that prove he is ageing in reverse. 

Sprinting like there is no tomorrow 

Can you imagine running after the age of 60? Actually not even running, we have to say sprinting. Look at this man who is sprinting like there is no tomorrow and with his speed, he is surely giving the youngsters a good competition. Wearing a white tee and black track, Anil is flying on the tracks and does not look a day above 18, agree or agree? 

A run on the beach anyone?

How many of you can keep your feet stable on the beach? Forget running sometimes it becomes even difficult to stand in the damp sand but Anil Kapoor has surpassed that level as he is running at full speed on the beach and we cannot help but just look at him fly.  

Box it baby! 

He still has the moves and his power punches are proof of it. Indeed if there is anyone after Sunny Deol who has that ‘dhai kilo ka haath’ then it has to be Anil Kapoor.  

Cycle it out!

Is there anything this man cannot do? Be it running, boxing or now cycling, he does it all with grace and so much dedication. Anil Kapoor makes workouts look so graceful and easy that we bet everyone would feel like doing it, right?  

Skipping higher with higher spirits 

We know this ain’t a video, but we had to include this on our list. How much can you skip when you have a leg injury? Most of us cannot even think of skipping in such a condition. But not to forget, Anil is someone who can do anything.  

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